Fargon Genomics Sample Kit DNA
Innovative biomarker of biological age evaluating telomere-related diseases.
TeloTest DNA collection sample kit

Buccal DNA collection kit with instructions, from how to do the test to how to get the results online.

TeloTest DNA collection sample kit
Detailed Patient Genetic Report
Fagron Genetic Reports
Summary of genetic analysis

The report informs about the telomer length and estimated biological age of the patient’s cells.

Beneficial active ingredients and/or compounds

List of the active ingredients and/or compounds that are the most beneficial for reducing the aging rate, depending on the length detected in the telomeres.

Personalized prescriptions and recommendations

Based on the patient’s results, suggests the most appropriate active ingredients and dosages (oral, topical, nasal) providing general lifestyle recommendations that can support the therapy to stop telomere shortening.

What does TeloTest analyse?
Patient’s genetic factors

Patient's Genetic Factors

Analyses quantitative data associated with the length of telomeres that tend to shorten with age.

Patient’s Medical History

Biochemical parameters, pathologies, intolerances, medications, physical activity and habits are also considered for safe and complete counselling.

Patient’s medical history
The human telomeres

The human telomeres shorten during the aging process, but the speed of this process varies for each person.

Individualized patient assessment through a questionnaire includes questions on family longevity, cardiovascular risk, current physiological status (menopause, pregnancy), psychological status, diet, and environment, and known hypersensitivity to APIs and nutraceuticals.


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TeloTest - Biological Age Genetic Test


TeloTest - Biological Age Genetic Test

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Frequently Asked Questions

The report format is the only option to receive genetic data from us at this time, per our guidelines with the lab. We cannot supply raw data to patients.


Once kits are registered, Fagron Genomics US receives a valid sample at the lab, and all required forms are completed and delivered successfully, we expect an average typical lab turnaround time of 5-10 business days to generate a report to the Provider’s Account via the Provider Portal, or in the case of direct-to-consumer orders, via their DTC account they created when registering their kits. It’s important to note that Fagron Genomics US can’t account for outside variabilities such as shipping times, invalid samples, incomplete forms and questionnaires, etc, although we do our very best to communicate and help resolve these issues where possible.

Yes! Fagron Genomics US generates, delivers, and maintains all patient records privately and securely, with HIPAA and CLIA/COLA compliance and standards being a top priority. Fagron Genomics US does not give or sell any data to third parties. When working with providers: patient data is securely stored via our Provider Portal and securely accessed by each patient’s provider. With direct-to-consumer orders: patient data and reports are presented directly to the patient via the direct-to-consumer account that is created when kits are registered. Registered patients can choose to share this provided information at their sole discretion.

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