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Our mission is to provide an individually tailored program to help balance our patients’ hormones, to give compassionate and holistic care to every patient, and to promote wellness throughout the lifespan.

Hormone levels evolve as you age.

The fluctuation of hormone levels in men and women as they age contributes to various aging symptoms. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy has the potential to prevent and reverse these effects. Our affordable services provide the same level of care and bioidentical treatment, ensuring that the adverse symptoms of aging are not endured any longer, unlike the costly options available through online and traditional HRT clinics.

Hormone Levels


What our patients say...

"I’ve had an excellent experience at Wittmer Rejuvenation Clinic. I trust Dr Wittmer to help me manage my hormone levels and overall health. I’ve found the service provided by all the staff to be enjoyable. I appreciate how seamless the entire process has been even though I live out of state. Highly recommend."
Robert Greene
"Helpful, caring, and communicative. My first review of my blood work was the most comprehensive I have ever had. My NP went over each and every line and explained what everything was and how it affects you individually. Literally what I have always wanted from doctors, but never gotten. I love this company."
Melissa Breland
"By far the best customer service of any medical institution I've ever worked with. Dr. Wittmer and his staff answer ALL your questions in a polite, professional manner and get you going in the right direction. This is not a "meat market" practice; it's very evident that Dr. Wittmer truly cares about his patients and wants what's best for them. Customer for life."
Dan DeLaiarro
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