TeloTest – Biological Age Genetic Test


From a sample taken from the patient’s buccal mucosa, it is possible to detect genetic differences that are significant in the study of human health. Once the patient’s questionnaire is complete and genetic data is available, reports can be viewed and downloaded from a secure personal area.

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The human telomeres shorten during the aging process, but the speed of this process varies for each person.
Individualized patient assessment through a questionnaire includes questions on family longevity, cardiovascular risk, current physiological status (menopause, pregnancy), psychological status, diet, and environment, and known hypersensitivity to APIs and nutraceuticals.

Personalized report through secure online platform
Fagron TeloTest uses an automatized qualitative algorithm that calculates telomere length, infers biological age based on telomere length and recommends the most appropriate formula and lifestyle and nutrition recommendations to delay the effect of ageing in the male and female population.

The results are downloaded directly from our secure online platform, accessible through your secure and private account.

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Surprise with a heartfelt gift of love!
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