Subcutaneous Injections

Subcutaneous Injections: Everything You Need To Know

Subcutaneous injections can seem confusing, but it’s actually quite simple!

Today let’s go over the two types of syringes you might receive with your package. One is an insulin syringe – a 31 gauge 5/16 inch needle- and the other type is called TB 27 gauge half-inch needle.

Each one has different markings so doses will vary accordingly. For instance, if you have an insulin dose that reads 0.3 then draw up 30 units in your syringe; or for 0.5 use 50 Units!

Finally, remember to always inject subcutaneously into fatty tissue for best results! Depending on what medication you’re using other areas could be better suited for injection so always consult with your healthcare provider before administering any medications yourself!

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our clinic.

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