Hormone Therapy for Women

Bio-identical hormone optimization therapy for women addresses hormonal imbalances. By restoring and balancing DHEA, Thyroid hormone, Estrogen, and Progesterone, you can once again feel like your true self.

We Have One Goal

Feel Like Yourself Again

Unfortunately, many women also fall into the trap of assuming that as they age, their sexual vitality will decline. But there’s no reason to resign yourself to this loss of intimacy. We deserve to embrace life with the same passion and zeal that enriched our youth. Today’s era allows us to actively engage in managing our well-being.

Crucial hormones like estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, and others are pivotal for female health. These hormones act as messengers, originating from the endocrine system and traveling throughout the body to trigger specific functions.


Elevated Energy and Vitality

Experience a significant boost in your energy levels. Say goodbye to daily fatigue and embrace a renewed sense of vitality. Hormone optimization can help you wake up feeling refreshed, stay active throughout the day, and engage in the activities you love without feeling drained.

Emotional Balance and Well-Being

Rediscover emotional equilibrium and a positive outlook on life. Hormone imbalances can impact mood and emotions, leading to irritability, mood swings, and more. With hormone optimization, you can achieve emotional stability, feel more resilient in the face of stress, and enjoy an improved overall sense of well-being.

Revitalized Intimacy and Passion

Embrace a more satisfying and fulfilling intimate life. Hormonal imbalances can affect libido and intimacy, leading to reduced desire and satisfaction. Hormone optimization can reignite your natural desires, enhance intimacy with your partner, and allow you to experience a deeper connection and passion.

What Our Patients Say:

"Helpful, caring, and communicative. My first review of my blood work was the most comprehensive I have ever had. My NP went over each and every line and explained what everything was and how it affects you individually. Literally what I have always wanted from doctors, but never gotten. I love this company."
Melissa Breland
"The professionals at Wittmer Clinic have been so easy to work with. They are efficient and have very quick response time in tending to my needs. They are thorough with the care I receive; where as most "traditional" health care systems do not. I recommend Wittmer Rejuvenation Clinic."
Tee Camp
"I am FINALLY feeling better than I have in 20 years. After years of being told my hormones are fine, my thyroid is fine I was getting extremely depressed and frustrated. I found out about Wittmer Rejuvenation Clinic by Starting Strength Dallas (another great company) and so thankful I made the call! It does take a little time to get the ball rolling (prescriptions take a little time to get) but stay with it! Dr. Wittmer is fantastic and understands "trust how the patient feels" not what lab values are. I highly recommend! Thank you for finally giving me my energy and personality back!"
Stephanie Gandy Murphy

Potential Results of Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy:

• Increased muscle mass and strength • 
• Increased Sex Drive • 
• Decreased Sexual Dysfunction • 
• Decreased Hot Flashes • 
• Decreased Excessive Emotions • 
• Decreased Sensitivity to Difficult Situations • 
• Decreased Unnecessary Worry, Anxiety or Fear • 
• Decreased Symptoms of Depression. • 
• Increase of Self-Confidence • 
• Decreased Joint Pain • 
• Decreased Fatigue that Increase with Activity • 

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